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Long Distance Calls
Avoid long distance calls if possible; they can be traced. Have an additional cell phone for 911 use only (available for free at SA/DVC office).
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"The best protection any woman can have is courage." -Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Video List

Open Window (rape) 2005

Secrets, Lies, and Apologies America’s Domestic Violence Crisis 2004

Responding to Victims of Human Trafficking Office of Victims of Crime 2007?

Faith-Based Responses to Crime Victims Office of Victims of Crime 2007?

Date Rape Drugs: What You Need to Know 2001

Just to Have a Peaceful Life

The Savage Cycle: A Video on Domestic Violence 1991

Secret Wounds: Working with Child Observers of Family Violence 1992

Domestic Violence: What Churches Can Do 2002

The Story of Rachel: The Complex Relationship Between Battered Women and the Systems they turn to For Help

The War At Home 1994

Profile of an Assailant: Domestic Abuse Intervention Project

Domestic Violence: The Workplace Responds

I Didn’t Know It Was Rape

Burning Bed 1988

Telling Amy’s Story
This PBS documentary aired July 7, 2010.  It reconstructs the life of Amy, starting with her death at the hands of her abuser and reviewing the course their relationship took.  It’s a classic case of power and control, showing the dynamics of an abusive relationship.  Copies are available for checkout at SA/DVC.

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