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Long Distance Calls
Avoid long distance calls if possible; they can be traced. Have an additional cell phone for 911 use only (available for free at SA/DVC office).
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"Never let the hand you hold, hold you down." -Anonymous
Safety Planning

Volatile situations can erupt quickly in relationships that involve domestic violence. You need to have a plan worked out ahead of time that allows you to leave quickly with all the necessary documents you might need if you decide not to return. The following is a list of items/steps to take in safety planning.

Safety Signal to alert neighbors to call the outside light turned on, curtains drawn in a specified window, or other signal readily available.

Bag packed with these items:

*Change of clothes for you and your children
*List of phone numbers of friends, relatives, doctors, lawyers
*Money with change for a pay phone
*Cell phone (extra one if available to make 911 call)
*Extra keys to your house and car
*Emergency medicines
*Important papers; bank account numbers, copy of lease, copy of Protective Order, birth certificates, social security card/numbers for yourself, children, and partner, marriage certificate, divorce papers.
*TANF/SSI/Medicaid cards

Avoid long distance call if possible since they can be traced.

Advise family, friends, employer, school system, court, welfare office not to give out any information.

Remember, you are not alone. You cannot stop an abuser. The abuser must seek professional help. Abuse is about power and control over an intimate partner. Physical abuse, verbal attacks, and isolation from others are a few ways abusers keep victims under their control.

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