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Important Papers
Keep all of your important papers (or copies of them) together in an easily accessed location: bank account numbers, copy of lease, copy of protective/stalking order, birth certificate (yours/children), social security number,medical information.
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PFA Protection From Abuse Order

PFA Order is a civil court action intended to stop the abuse against you and/or your children. To qualify for a PFA Order you and the abuser must be intimate partners or living in the same house, meaning you must:

*Be currently living together
* Have lived together in the past
*Be the parent of or living with a child who has been harmed by the abuser
*Have a child in common
*Be in or have been in a dating relationship 
*The abuser has purposely tried to physically harm you or a child, or has purposely or carelessly caused physical harm. 
*The abuser has purposely caused you or a child to fear that physical harm is about to happen. 
*The abuser has participated in certain sexual behaviors with a child under 16 years of age who is not the abuser’s spouse.

To apply for a Protection From Abuse Order

*You can fill out the petition at one of our offices nearest you. 
*The petition is then taken to the District Court clerk’s office. 
*You must sign the petition in front of the court clerk; some courts require identification. 
*Be prepared to tell the judge why you think you need protection. 
*You will be probably be given a temporary order that will protect you until the final hearing. 
*At the final hearing, the judge decides if the temporary order should become a final order, lasting up to a year.

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