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Avoid long distance calls if possible; they can be traced. Have an additional cell phone for 911 use only (available for free at SA/DVC office).
Our Networks
"Using our worst times as tools for spiritual expansion takes us out of the realm of victim and puts us in the realm of creator of our own experience of life." -Susan Jeffers
Community Partners

To report abuse, neglect, or exploitation 800-922-5330

SA/DVC relies heavily on community partners and the additional resources they can provide to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. The following is brief list of the agencies most frequently utilized by survivors and advocates:

*Law Enforcement (City and County) in each of the four counties served.

*District/County Attorney in each of the four counties served.

*District Court Clerks Office in each of the four counties served.

*SRS: Social and Rehabilitation Services 620-663-5731 (Hutchinson)

*Salvation Army 620-663-3353 (Hutchinson)

*American Red Cross 620-662-3336 (Hutchinson)

*PILR (Prairie Independent Living Resource Center) 620-663-3989 (Hutchinson)

*Kansas Legal Aid Services 620-694-2955 (Hutchinson) 800-723-6953 (new applicants)

*Interfaith Housing Services 620-662-8370

*KCSDV (Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence) 785-266-1874

*County Health Departments

*Prairie Star Health Center 620-663-8484 (Hutchinson)

*Mental Health Centers

*Substance Abuse Treatment/Evaluation Centers

*Job Service Centers

*Hutchinson Legal Clinic

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