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Important Papers
Keep all of your important papers (or copies of them) together in an easily accessed location: bank account numbers, copy of lease, copy of protective/stalking order, birth certificate (yours/children), social security number,medical information.
Our Networks
"Using our worst times as tools for spiritual expansion takes us out of the realm of victim and puts us in the realm of creator of our own experience of life." -Susan Jeffers

100% of your contribution helps families in our community who experience domestic and sexual violence.

Monetary contributions are accepted by the agency and are primarily used as “unrestricted funds” by the agency unless specifically donated for a particular program or service. SA/DVC has an endowment account through the Hutchinson Community Foundation and donations can be made directly to this account. Contact the Hutchinson Community Foundation at 620-663-5293 or for more information. Additional funding is provided to us through the United Way.

Estate planning can also be used to donate to SA/DVC. If you or a loved one has received services from SA/DVC and you would like to include the agency in your estate, consult with your legal advisor on the best means.

Remembering SA/DVC as a memorial resource is another way to support the agency and its work with victims in the community.

If you are wanting to donate goods, please call the office first to verify that we are in need of that donation item. We are very fortunate to have many people in our community who contribute in a number of ways so sometimes we don’t have as great of a need for certain items.

You can donate through our online donation portal, mail a check to our office, or bring donations to our office in person.

Our office is located at:
335 N. Washington, Ste. 240
Hutchinson, KS 67501

We thank you for your contributions!

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